Inviting all fun and creative people in my network to spend a whole weekend non-stop creating art with us through all 4 floors of WARP! All disciplines included!

The previous edition of WARP JAM was a blast! It felt like were all together at an intimate and super fun festival!

It’s time to do it again. Lets spend 48 hours putting our collective creative minds to work.

Through our whole building, creativity, inspiration & motivation flow freely! Now let it flow through you by joining WARP JAM!

More info here!

No matter if you are working solo or in teams, you will meet new people and find out what you are cable of creating in one weekend! If you get stuck, you will get guided by our super cool team of SPACE INVADERS!

With your ticket you get access to an entire weekend of the Overkill (art / gaming / music) Festival in Enschede and join the creative jam! 

Get inspired!

Get inspired by checking out the works that resulted out of the previous editions.

April 2021: within two weeks, more than 160 people joined the Discord server and in 48 hours, 35 projects were completed within the theme of Creative Collision.